Professional Gambling

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Admit it or not, there is one point in our lives that we have gambled or at least bet on something. Most of the time, the reason behind it is we want to win. That’s the ultimate keyword to draw all those who hold on to their luck: winning. Winning gives you a sense of entitlement or satisfaction. However, there is also an opposite keyword which refrains people from gambling… and it is not ‘losing’. It’s uncertainty – the thought that you will either win or lose and of course, it is the worse when you get the downside. Usually, these are the only words we weigh whenever we put ourselves in a wager situation. Sometimes, these are the same words which keep us away from betting. People are afraid to dwell on uncertainty, but there are actually some who gamble for a living — in short, professional gamblers.

Professional gamblers are already in the long run of the online casino UK betting game. They know that there are other things to worry about more than winning or losing. Here are some of the keywords professional gamblers have accustomed themselves when it comes to serious gambling:


RISK INTELLIGENCE. In the world of gambling, most of us think that is all about luck. That is the common misconception of everybody. We often conclude that we either win or we either lose. Dylan Evans, in one of his TedX lectures entitled ‘What can we learn from Expert Gamblers’, challenged us to have a whole new mindset about gambling. Changing the question from ‘do we win or do we lose’ to ‘how high is the percentage that we are going to win or lose’? There is a ratio to everything, and evaluating risks is one of the rare skillsets a professional gambler has.

You need to have even the slightest idea on how to predict your chance to win. It’s not about knowing the technicality of whichever game you are playing. Just knowing enough or specific areas which you should focus on will be enough to guide you.


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CONTROL. It sounds ridiculous reading this when we are talking about bets, but you have to believe there is such a thing when it comes to gambling. To put it in a simpler sense, it is also about familiarity. Once-in-a-lifetime-gamblers would not mind losing control but professional gamers know what it feels like to have the upper hand. If you are a first-time gambler in a casino, you’ll just probably have this kind of mindset: let’s try my luck. However, if you want the transition to how expert gamblers grind, you need to know that these betting games can actually be studied on. From there, you can learn how to gain control, or how to watch out when you feel like you are about to lose it.


STRATEGY. From the first two words, you can conclude that you need to come up with this: a plan. You do not enter a casino nor any game house without one. Because not having a strategy means you have not calculated any risks or you do not have any plans of gaining control. You just gamble to either have fun or test the waters. But you can actually do both with this equipment. A strategy is your combat in betting, your gear whenever the direction of the game points to or away from you.

There are far too many words or tips expert gamblers will advise you. Some are specifically based from experiences, and some from actual studies. These words are just simple reminders should you decide level up your position in taking guesses. If you weave them all together, you might find yourself starting to walk on the path of serious gambling.