seo meaning

SEO or known as Search Engine Optimization is the process that affects the website or a webpage search engine; with voluntary results frequently referred to as natural results. The most recent or most viewed sites often appear on the search results list, hence the more possibilities that visitors will visit the site. SEO has multiple targets and could lead you to different kinds of search; it may include local search, academic search, search for images, and videos.

As it is the most commonly used internet marketing strategy; SEO has a lot to discuss when it comes to how the search engines does it job. It also has an edge in identifying what the audiences commonly search for with the use of keywords or search terms, thus making the sites easy and available for the users.


Factors for a Successful Search Engine

There are subgroups in every partition, such as SEO also has its factors that make it more relevant to its purpose. These factors differ from each other and has a specific value; discussed below are three factors for a successful search engine.

SEO concept

Off The Page Success Factors

Off-The-Page ranking factors are those that publishers don’t have the control. These are used by search engines  because they have learned that by basing it alone on publisher-controlled signals it would not give a positive outcome. Compare to other factors, off the page SEO refers to activities that are outside the borders of the webpage; these also refers to techniques being used to improve the location of a website to the search engine result page.

Moreover, off page SEO is more focused on social media, social bookmarking and link building; it also gives a satisfactory indication on how the websites users professed a particular website. A website that is commonly use is more likely to have a link from other sites; it also could be mention on different social media and more likely to have bookmarked or shared on other communities.

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On Page Success Factors

On page, SEO are setting that you can use on your website so that it is optimized for search engines. These SEO factor focuses more on how the users could easily find the website; it gives importance on proper URL structures, navigation friendly, optimized internal links and optimized description and titles. It also focuses on fast loading pages, text formats, images, authorized verification for all pages and most importantly fresh content and no broken links or non functioning sites.

In addition to this on page SEO factors are aspects of a web page that could influence the search engine ranking; having a good content and content that could supply the demand and is link ready are few of the factors that could affect the search engine ranking.


Violation and Ranking Penalties Of SEO

There is no room for mistakes; SEO is being used to effectively provide the people with search engines that are useful because SEO could also help progress the search result. To avoid search engine penalties avoid cloaking, hidden text, keyword stuffing, shallow content, piracy, heavy layout, spam link and paid links.