Day: November 5, 2018

Which is Better, SEO or Adwords?

The online community uses tools to stay on the top of the game, they aim to take over the internet market by using Search Engine Marketing. The most common tools under Search Engine Marketing is SEO and AdWords, these two has differences and similarities too, they could be used as a combo or separately. However, there are still some who are confused about the two, take time to understand the two by reading below and see which would best work for you depending on your marketing goals.



Google Adwords as obvious as it looks, this advertising platform is owned by Google, it where advertisers use this to their advantage through allowing Google to position their ads on result pages, Youtube, Gmail, websites that participate to the Adwords program, and other Google Products.

If you are an advertiser, you are given the option to pay when someone checks your site or clicks on your link, or even when someone sees your ads. The Adworks program is like an auction area for an advertiser who competes in order to acquire most of the advertising places available.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more on getting your links, page, or site ranked on search engines results pages such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, and etc. However, in order to successfully use this option, you need to ensure that your website is search engine friendly or terms and keywords used are recognized by the tool, it is also important that you generate useful contents since rankings would be measured by successful visits and number of hits.


SEO vs Adwords

Availability – SEO applies to all search engines while Adwords are limited for Google sites that use Google Adsense.

Positioning – Adwords are seen on the top or right part of Googl Search results but there are conditions that you should comply in order to do so, but with SEO, you need to make your efforts two folds to acquire a top spot on the search engine results and get your site a rank.

Duration – Once you would be able to get organic traffics on your site with SEO, this would be a long-term position (with efforts to retain your spot). However, when you stop your Adwords your traffic will also stop.

Keywords – SEO would require you to focus on targeted keywords only for best results, as for Adwords, you can use as many keywords as you want at the same time.

Ad Placements – SEO are only limited to search engine result page, but Adwords would allow you to advertise your ads not only on Google Search results but on other sites linked to Google that uses Adsense.


Which is Better

Most of the advertisers argue when it comes to choosing between SEO and Adwords, though they may be two different methods with the same aim of helping you get the traffic you want, these two are better when used together.

If you get the ranking you want, it does not stop there, it is a wrong belief that when you get yourself on the top list you wouldn’t need Adwords. Despite having a good ranking, Adwords would be a good use to get more exposure for the same keywords that you got you the SEO traffic. With the use of Adwords, you would be able to measure your performance. With the two, you would be able to get organic traffic from search engines and other social networks on the web.…

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What is SEO?

SEO or known as Search Engine Optimization is the process that affects the website or a webpage search engine; with voluntary results frequently referred to as natural results. The most recent or most viewed sites often appear on the search results list, hence the more possibilities that visitors will visit the site. SEO has multiple targets and could lead you to different kinds of search; it may include local search, academic search, search for images, and videos.

As it is the most commonly used internet marketing strategy; SEO has a lot to discuss when it comes to how the search engines does it job. It also has an edge in identifying what the audiences commonly search for with the use of keywords or search terms, thus making the sites easy and available for the users.


Factors for a Successful Search Engine

There are subgroups in every partition, such as SEO also has its factors that make it more relevant to its purpose. These factors differ from each other and has a specific value; discussed below are three factors for a successful search engine.

SEO concept

Off The Page Success Factors

Off-The-Page ranking factors are those that publishers don’t have the control. These are used by search engines  because they have learned that by basing it alone on publisher-controlled signals it would not give a positive outcome. Compare to other factors, off the page SEO refers to activities that are outside the borders of the webpage; these also refers to techniques being used to improve the location of a website to the search engine result page.

Moreover, off page SEO is more focused on social media, social bookmarking and link building; it also gives a satisfactory indication on how the websites users professed a particular website. A website that is commonly use is more likely to have a link from other sites; it also could be mention on different social media and more likely to have bookmarked or shared on other communities.

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On Page Success Factors

On page, SEO are setting that you can use on your website so that it is optimized for search engines. These SEO factor focuses more on how the users could easily find the website; it gives importance on proper URL structures, navigation friendly, optimized internal links and optimized description and titles. It also focuses on fast loading pages, text formats, images, authorized verification for all pages and most importantly fresh content and no broken links or non functioning sites.

In addition to this on page SEO factors are aspects of a web page that could influence the search engine ranking; having a good content and content that could supply the demand and is link ready are few of the factors that could affect the search engine ranking.


Violation and Ranking Penalties Of SEO

There is no room for mistakes; SEO is being used to effectively provide the people with search engines that are useful because SEO could also help progress the search result. To avoid search engine penalties avoid cloaking, hidden text, keyword stuffing, shallow content, piracy, heavy layout, spam link and paid links.…

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Starter Basics: 4 Social Media Tools to Try

Marketing one’s business is very important especially for starters or those who are aiming to belong to a higher status on the market. As the competition gets tighter and the market gets smaller, success aspirants want to gamble on a wider scope where they would be given the higher possibility of meeting clients; on this fast-paced and modernized era, doing it online is the best choice.

With multiple marketing choices available online, which one would aid small business or starters better; the choice is yours to make. Take a look at some of the online choices and see what you think would be best for your business.


Take Advantage of Facebook

Facebook is considered to be one of the most effective marketing tools for new businesses. Majority of the populations, regardless of their age, spends even an hour in total checking on the news and things on Facebook to keep them updated; business owners will then be given the chance to be noticed and build a relationship with their fans through effective posts and catchy articles.

And if you are still unaware, Facebook now offers advertising where you could choose up to what location your advertisement would be posted, it would be great if you interact with your consumers so their friends would also see your post when they’re commenting. Your advertisement will be shown on the news feeds so it would be impossible for one to miss the post, you could even choose when it would be posted If things don’t work well with you and Facebook advertising, you could end it anytime; so no waste of digital media there.

social media apps

Become a Social Media Star

If you haven’t got your hands on to any social media sites, then it’s time to educate yourself about it. If you’re only depending on expensive TV and Radio Ads then you are missing out on a bigger opportunity of having double of your usual leads; Social Media could be very overwhelming, so it would be best if you screen sites where most of your target spend their time online.

Try Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, or Instagram; keep your efforts to a good level, but make sure to make your posts catchy but relevant. Inspire or motivate your audience to like your business, but don’t do it desperately to the extent of putting other brands down; not all consumers love drama.


Emailing Is Still “In”

Despite all the modernization and new ways of communication, the use of email is still considered to be one of the effective tools in online marketing. Without spending much, you would be able to advertise or keep in touch with your clients and prospects regardless of their location.

If you are using this tool, you would be able to keep in touch with all your targets; however, there would be limited chances of getting a response from all of them. This tool is best tied up with other social media tools; make your emailing option as the communication ground and a means of sending reminders regarding your posts especially your limited promos. Attach your email to all your posts and remind them that they could send you a message and ask queries; it would be a plus on your customer service.

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 Blogging is Fun and Effective

Through providing your clients and readers with informative, interesting, and time worthy articles; you would be able to advertise your brand in a more effective way. The secret here is to make them feel unpressured of buying your product, instead, make them feel comfortable with your blog to keep them coming back.

You could team up with other companies, bloggers, and brands; add up to their strategy and establish a team with one goal. Promoting would be much easier since you’ll be introduced to their audiences, but make sure to do your part too; try to make long-term relationships with effective partners. Make time to posts and update your site twice or thrice a week if possible, the more active you get, the easier for you to have higher SEO rating.…

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